We have been cringing at the way hackathons are being conducted left right and center. Many of them are baits for hiring, others are aimed at mass manufacture of startups or product ideas. None of them focusing on the spirit of “hacking”, which has fundamentally to do with “fun & exploration”. Somewhere down the lane “hacking” has become synonymous with software but it is not (http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/hacker-howto.html).

Devthon is aimed at putting back the fun and exploration back into hackathons. We are looking at creating a space where people who are passionate about building things can meet and have fun doing it together. It could be electronics, software, furniture or food that you would like to hack on, Devthon is the place for it.

At the same time we are looking at making this event simple and self sustaining. To achieve this, the number of hackers will be limited to 40 and the participation will be ticketed. This not only helps us ensuring the presence of registered members but also lets us choose the right sponsors.

It is also our aim to encourage healthy practices while hacking. Although it might sound cool and romantic to indulge in a 36 hour event on potato chips and diet coke or red bull, it can create a number of health issues. Our food menu would focus on healthy but tasty food to stimulate your mind :). A more detailed post about the format will be available in the next blog post.

Originally Published on February 28, 2013

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