Village Dashboard with data on Maa Bhoomi Portal

Pahani is a form of Land Record that depicts Rural Land Ownership. Taking the Pahani provided to us as a Primary Data Source we created data sets to address the problem statements.

Based on the Village level Pahani on the Maa Bhoomi portal, can we build a dashboard for micro level planning at a village level on land holding size, type of land. water sources etc?

The first team to present was the team that were using the data from the Village Pahani records. They created a dashboard that could show, compare and calculate the data from the Village Pahani records. It could calculate the average land holding per person in a village, highest/lowest land holdings, type of land, water resource and barren/cultivable land in a village. This dashboard could be used by the common man and also an official like the district collector to measure the rural development metrics and find insights.

  • Average land Holding Per Person Per Village

    From the given raw data we computed the average land holding per person per village.As per our analysis we found that: 0.0025 Acres from a total of 1649 Acres in the village

  • Highest & Lowest Land Holdings Per Village
  • Type Of Land
  • Water Source
  • Barren Vs Cultivable Land In A Village

Please find the outcomes of the project here and here