The getRTI project that aims to create an active space for citizen engagement, proposed a hack feature for the weekend during the 0.4 edition.

The proposal was to create a better way to access information of Members of Parliament.

Today, there is no easy way to access information of an MP. For example, a list maintained by the Parliament of India website forces citizens to search for their MP manually or using the ‘browser find’.

Part of the SaveRTI campaign involved collecting data of MPs, for citizens to raise their voices against amendments to the act.

The new feature creates an interactive way to search for respective MPs via the getRTI portal to express concerns or find out more information about them.

Prajwala Manchikatla, who was working on this project created beautiful interactive visualizations, using D3.js, in 36 hours.

The data was laid out on maps and citizens can access information of MPs from their constituencies.

This latest addition to the getRTI project is yet to be deployed onto the live portal after a bit more tweaking, but, will bring in an easier way to access data and reach out your MPs.

If you have an idea and would like to get started with it, but missed the previous edition, join the next edition during November 16–17, 2013.

Originally Published on October 14, 2013

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