Todd Schneider, who went on a recent road trip has used the R project to work on an interesting spatial challenge that finds out the most “concave” state in the US. The R project is a free environment for statistics and graphics.

The problem statement was to find the 2 points such that, a) both the points are in the same state, b) a straight line connecting them crosses most number of states.

He worked around to decrease the number of sample points of boundary around a state to keep the data enough to conclude on the solution.

This project can also be extended to determine the most concave state in other countries.

The data used was from the GADM database and can be downloaded freely. The R script is also available as a Github Gist.

An animation of the method used to calculate is shown below.

[via Rap Genius Engineering Team]

Originally Published on September 27, 2013

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