MNREGA Dataset Analysis

Based on the MNREGA works done in a district since the inception of the scheme, can we find outliers in terms of wage/material expenditure, works done etc?

Team NREGA had two prototypes to showcase. The first one was a decision tree that would be used to understand if all the criteria were being met and thereby understanding whether the final goals of the NREGA scheme were being achieved. So all the data would be checked using the 4 rules that were part of the decision tree and easily be able to analyze if the scheme was being effective or not.

Also the team created a visualization to show the comparison between wages and materials. With the help of the visualization, they were able to clearly show the number of villages that showed a deviation from the average. They were able to find more than 300 villages that had spent more on the materials than the wages, thereby defeating the whole purpose of the scheme. These visualizations could be used to analyze the way villages were using their NREGA funds and easily spot the places where they were being misused.

Please Find the outcomes of the project here