Imran Parvez, a design hacker sparked off his idea at the 0.4 edition. His idea was to create a way to move around shopping malls while finding stores quicker.

We’re somehow convinced that this problem statement came after Imran spent a day in the shopping mall with his girlfriend 😉

He wanted to be able to make something for shoppers to be able to navigate easily in a huge shopping mall, so went on to create Incarto — an indoor map for a shopping mall.

The process to get started was simple and interesting. The outline of the map was created from the image. Then it was exported into SVG and rendered onto browser. The SVG map was then changed using the D3.js framework to make it interactive.

Imran wanted to get started on the Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) format while tinkering and writing some code around D3.

Chennai’s Express Avenue shopping mall was chosen, because of the availability of an online map that makes it easier to sketch an accurate SVG and also because Imran was quite familiar with the mall.

He came up with the following map,

The stores get highlighted on click of the ‘types of store’ filter

The project is currently in it’s early stages is hosted at Github. You may contact Imran to work with him and contribute to this project.

Originally Published on October 24, 2013

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