Instructable user Yoshinok has come up a brilliant hack to convert a smartphone into a powerful microscope using inexpensive material that can be purchased from a hardware store.

This setup can be built using some bolts, nuts, washers, plywood and plexiglass. The most important material for this setup is the focus lens from a laser pointer that enables the magnification.

The setup will be able magnify up to 175x which enables studying plants and their nuclei. Here you can see salt crystals magnified 40x.

The setup is also adjustable using wing nut configuration for setting the zoom level and takes less than a day to build.

For example, here you see onion epithelial cells magnified 175x.

The setup once built, looks clean and portable for any science classrooms.

Here’s a video of the process of building.

For full instructions check out the instructions on how to build.

[via Instructables]

Originally Published on October 24, 2013

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