In case of an incident in metropolitains, it becomes harder for first responders due to various physical limitations from distance to reach. This project helps Air surveillance through custom drones for incident reporting and gathering data for first response. This is a drone based system which will keep surveilling the area and in case of an incident that will help the first responders with better data.

AirCops is a proof-of-concept prototype that enables first response emergency units, like the police, fire or ambulance, to collect data from incidents in real time. Emergency units can deploy a Spherical Flying Object (SFO) which can be remotely manipulated in 6 degrees of freedom.

The SFO also has an external cage structure which can protect itself from external disturbances. Gyroscope and accelerometer are provided to for high dynamic balance and to maintain center of gravity for static stability and to facilitate easy vertical take off and landing. It can also be used during hazardous situations, where it is challenging to monitor an incident like building collapse or earthquake, which makes it difficult for rescue personnel to enter small spaces. A GPS and a camera can also be installed on the SFO and can be programmed to autopilot navigation.