What is ‘Devthon’?

We are a platform for builders, makers, creators , researchers, and experimenters showcase their efforts and their insights. The ideas range from programming, design thinking, product development, data analytics and so on.

Our Story

We started ‘Devthon’ in 2013 as a platform to use locally-sourced problems to drive innovation through a process of empathy building, design thinking and prototyping.

Our events have brought multi-disciplinary teams together, enabled by domain experts from across industries including Healthcare, Security, and Policing, to understand, experiment and build prototypes. These have informed policymaking as well as helped launch entrepreneurs.

7 years, > 50 events, and ~100 prototypes later, we have decided to add a few additional dimensions to our efforts. In keeping with the spirit of Devthons, we will also provide a platform for experimenters and prototypers to feature their efforts and share their learnings and experiences on our platform. At the core of Devthon is our mission to spark innovation and enable its journey to a solution.